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Post Info TOPIC: I got issues and am venting...

Date: Sat Apr 29 6:04 PM, 2006
I got issues and am venting...

Obviiously I am new here and I don't mean to be a pain off the bat but this white on black makes it so very hard for me to read on this site and even the small wording on some of the post is too small to read too...part of the game of having loss of vision I suppose...

I have had 1 cornea transplant due to keratonconus 11 years ago and am on my way to another and am fighting the waiting game via insurance..until then, my vision sucks, my eye hurts, the light burns my eye sometimes when my contact cuts my cornea but it's all I got in order to see so I wear it until I can't stand it I cried all night last night in bed in pain again and here I find a great forumn and gosh, I can barely handle the print to read for advice.....I am frustrated and at my wits end...I have a dr to see on the 8th of May..his not the cornea specialist but I have to see him first, yada, yada.. I wonder if going to the emergency room would help expedite things..I don't think I can take waiting much longer..sorry for all the complaining but I am tired and tired of crying and being in pain and not being able to vision is going fast in my right eye...and I am getting worn out...cristy 44, mother of 4, very busy and trying to be strong!!

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Date: Sat Apr 29 6:47 PM, 2006
RE: It is hard to read this site but I got issues and am venting...

Hi there,
We are having a few tech problems at the moment with the font sizes. Seems that different browers are displaying the site in different sizes. Rest assured that this is only temporary and we hope to soon have settled on a layout that is best for all.
I relate to your situation... and I truelly feel that we have members here who can help you through these rough spots.
I think it is often overlooked that Keratoconus sufferers are not just patients waiting in a crowded doctors office but they also have families and jobs to contend with. I think this disease over reachs the boundries of medicine and has a huge impact on daily family life.
When I was diagnosed I had two very small children and dealing with KC and screaming children was at many times to much to bear. So please sign up and join the group.
I will not be able to sleep thinking that you are out there somewhere with nobody to vent with :)
Alternatively here's my contact email if you have any questions:

All the best,

Hari Navarro


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Date: Sat Apr 29 6:55 PM, 2006


The thing is there are people who find the white on black very easy to read (i mean very very easy to read)... so changing this will only make things hard for them. Usually high contrasts are needed, eitherway black on white or white on black. And as Hari points out this way is only temporary as we are experimenting more with things.

The text thing is a side issue and depends on what browser you are using and sites can only really be optimized to one browser... and we have had good feed back from the Firefox browser so we have optimized settings to that browser. I think most kcers need some form of correction and so people don't have trouble reading, ...things like ghosting, glare are different for everyone and so not one thing will work for everyone.

I think you must try to use the right equipment if you are having trouble, like anti-glare screens that you can clip on your computer screen and adjusting the contrast and color controls to your desire.

And on another note, I think you should join up and go through all the emotions by sharing it with us know what they say... "a problem shared is a problem halfed" 

Actually most people do good with all the treatments out there... the trouble is getting the right information on them ,so that you can take an informed choice in an unbiased a way as possible.

Worry is a very normal emotion... it is like having a sixth sense... and do what ever it takes so that your fully happy with any treatment you would like to embark on. I hope you well.

All the best

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Date: Sat Apr 29 6:58 PM, 2006

thank you for responding..I have a call into the Dr.s..not sure what they can really do but I called...I got my steriod drops which fix the abrassions already that I get on my eye from contact use....but the light hurts outside and my son has a double header today and my other has waterpolo practice I figure I wear 2 sunglasses today and just see how that goes.....what else can I do? Sit at home and write on here and pout...truly, thanks for reading my grouchy complaining...I do get frustrated..and it's hard for people to realy comprehend what it is like to lose your vision and have wounds along the way and pretend that everything is just hunky dory..when it really isn't! I will feel better and already do..your post helped..thanks!



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Date: Sun Apr 30 10:33 AM, 2006

Hi Cristy and welcome to the forum. Sorry for your pains! Wish you a speedy resolution of your problems. But why do you rush in transplant????
On another line. My preferred combination of font etc. was white on blue, bold.


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Date: Thu May 4 11:53 PM, 2006

The text size should be bigger now BTW

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Date: Sat Jul 12 8:48 PM, 2008
RE: I got issues and am venting...

The skill of making websites easier to read and so on is called Web Accessibility

It is a subject that always fascinated me in the past - and now even more so.

For more information on accessibility: Access Sites

This is where I first came to know about Accessibility: Sitepoint Forums

If you do have a website think about your fellow KC'ers - make it easy for them, accessible and so on ... Your visitors will be truly grateful.

Some of the top professionals in accessibility, IMHO:

Labscape - who I hope one day will become my mentor.

Mel Pedley - who taught me briefly a few things on accessibility that made all the difference.

When looking for an accessible website developer start here:

Guild of Web Designers - they are very strict, not so easy to pass their criteria.

Accessibility and Usability are the web-sciences I would like to specialize in next. As a web-developer, I see it as a sort of indirect way to relieve some of the pain and frustrations out there.

Eco-friendly Farmhouses near Lucca & Pisa, Tuscany - Italy

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Date: Mon Jul 14 1:36 AM, 2008

Hello Cristy and welcome--

I didn't think your post was grouchy at all, I just thought that you are in a lot of physical pain, as well as emotional pain from how KC is limiting your ability to parent your children.

I'm not a KC patient. I am a mom of a KCer, and I know that nothing hurts a mom like not being able to care for her children as well as she wants to. So mother-to-mother, my heart goes out to you.

I think that when people with KC share any and all stories of how KC impacts their daily lives, it's important, because it helps the rest of the world understand the true impact of KC, and helps us understand that the disease affects the whole person (not just their eyes). I agree wholeheartedly with Hari. KC actually affects the whole family, whether the patient is a parent or a child.

I hope you are getting some relief soon.

Joanne in NY
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