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Post Info TOPIC: I got issues and am venting...


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Date: Mon Jun 14 1:26 AM, 2010
RE: I got issues and am venting...


I too am new and I think it would be great suggestion for this site to have a toggle key for those persons with KC to be able to make the font automatically bigger or smaller and with a different colored background - perhaps white font on black background (this is what my 15-year-old son suggests).  

He says the white background gives too much of a glare.

Just a kind suggestion.


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Date: Mon Jun 14 2:29 AM, 2010

For any site:

1) Press the "Ctrl" Key on your keyboard
2) After which turn the mouse wheel to increase and decrease text size.

Try out an anti glare screen on for your computer monitor so your able to visit and read more of the sites you want to, and as it will work better even if colours, by each user, can be custom set because not every combination which may be desired can be known in advance to build this in and they are near enough infinate, as the combinations can run in to millions, and still may not work as fully as it could be.

You can read more on text size changing here

I hope this helps


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