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Post Info TOPIC: hello, visite from germany

Date: Thu Sep 22 4:08 PM, 2005
hello, visite from germany

hy, i am sabine s. from the german "keralens-forum".
my english is'nt perfect, and i am not sure, if anybody is able to understand me, i'll do my best.
your forum is very interesting, but i have the wrong browser, so i cannot be a member in your forum.
i have kc since 12 years at both eyes and 4 corneatransplantations, i have to take immunsosuppressions, its horrible.
ok, later more.
greetings!! specially to sajeev, who visites us sometimes at the forum.
best wishes

sabine s.


Date: Thu Sep 22 5:47 PM, 2005

A very, very warm welcome to our special guest Sabine!

Sabine, Thanks for you post and be sure to know that we are like a family here, we care about each and every member of family with out asking for nothing in return...

Support has no limits for us!

All the Best



Date: Fri Sep 23 8:01 AM, 2005


thanks for your welcome!!
yes, it seems you are familiy!!!!
and so, having kc isn't so terrible. it's much better to be together than allone with the kc.
i hope, you can understand my writing, or is anybody of you able to speak german???
ok, wish you a nice day, without trouble,
greetings to sajeev
and bye, friends.

sabine s.


Date: Sat Sep 24 5:56 AM, 2005

lol your english is perfect!

Sure someone will write to you in German!

(BTW you may have written twice due to messges here are pending once submited) 

I'll pass your message on to Sajeev... I heard he is close by!!



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Date: Sat Sep 24 10:30 AM, 2005

hi there!

your english is pretty good!

i have a german friend who is always wondering if her english is good, but i think her english is better than mine is sometimes!


yeup... it's me. :p

Date: Sat Sep 24 5:17 PM, 2005

thanks to beth and quintrix !!!!!
am i the only guest in your forum?
i am searching informations about immunosuppressions after a corneatransplantation.
who knows about this ????
now, i have to learn english with a medical-dictionary lol.

best wishes, a nice weekend.



Date: Sun Sep 25 2:51 AM, 2005

Hello Sabine, you do seem to be the first to post here!

There is very little about the medication to suppress the immune after a transplant for a kc patient which would be of use to you which you could get from your very own medical team.

Its better to ask your medical team about it, as there are a lot of variables, like the amount, type of medication used ect... So only the prescriber would know about the presciption your taking in detail and you as a patient.

If its become bother-sum for you , then please tell your medical team as thats the only way they can improve things.

Its good that your willing to find out about these things but the best thing to do is seek out trained medical advice you can converse with.

Let us know how things go... and keep in touch...

-- Edited by QuintriX at 04:27, 2005-09-25

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