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Post Info TOPIC: I was just wondering about the brand new hybrid contacts...

Date: Tue Jun 9 1:31 AM, 2009
I was just wondering about the brand new hybrid contacts...

Hi I'm 20 years old and have KC and recently went to a specialist for consultation, and he informed me that the new hybrid contact would probably be my last line of defense before surgery and I was just wondering, does anyone have much news about the new hybrid contact? Thanks in advance.


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Date: Sun Jun 21 2:23 AM, 2009


I read you last post and this one, and its a known that the last line of defense contact lens wise is a Scleral Lens (which works by vaulting the cornea). Even before that there are other options like the "SoClear" lens, the "flex lens", and others no doubt.

However if your KC is progressing the only known way to prevent this from happening is getting treated with Corneal Crosslinking, it helps with contact intolence, plus your cornea has a good chance of getting to a more regular shape for a contact lens to work more better.

Then there is limited topo prk combined with crosslinking which some members here have had and even Intacs or mini ark may work well for you before going in for a more invasive surgery like transplantation. You need to get a second opinion as there are many options these days.

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