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Post Info TOPIC: Problems with my cornea and vision changes - keratoconus or not?

Date: Wed Feb 11 6:46 PM, 2015
Problems with my cornea and vision changes - keratoconus or not?

I started having problems with my left eye about 15 years ago.  My left cornea had rapidly changing it's shape over the space of 2 - 4 months.  My eye doctor examined me and saw a change in my eye's topography, and noticed a thinning in my cornea.  An update in my Rx returned my eyesight to something near normal for about 6 months, when my cornea changed again.  I've battled this on and off for 15 years now; sometimes my vision gets worse, meaning I become more nearsighted; sometimes my vision IMPROVES, meaning I become LESS nearsighted.  Does this mean my both cornea is both thinning and thickening?  Is that normal for keratoconus?



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Date: Fri Feb 13 1:14 PM, 2015

Do you mean you saw an ophthalmologist or an optometrist ? as only an ophthalmologist can diagnose.

Its best to see an ophthalmologist who is a corneal specialist on this. In the early stages, its not easy to disagnose and its well worth knowing if its Kc as soon as possible.

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